“Nearly 50% of people are secretly struggling with money.
God has your way out.”

Does your life look “like you’re doing fine” from the outside… while inside, you feel like you are not maximizing your potential or you are struggling with debt.

Does your financial situation cause you to experience more fear than faith?

Or do you believe that it’s somehow un-Christian to be overly concerned with managing and growing your money?

Here is what I believe!

God wants you to  be financially free, not only so that your can enjoy all the gifts and abundance he has in store for you, but also so that:

You can be free to give generously of your time, talent and treasure
• You can create a stress-free, debt-free home and loving marriage
You can take the focus off yourself and turn it to helping your neighbor
You can open yourself more easily to God’s peace and love

Financial stress is one of the biggest destroyer of relationships. It poisons marriages, family bonds and friendships. And it can also affect your relationship with God.

“Ironically, just when people need faith the most, they turn away, in the belief that their finances and their faith are completely separate – nothing could be further from the truth!”

Your financial freedom starts here!

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